Contract to cash flow, smarter

Intelizen is an AI-powered solution that streamlines contract and document management.
Say goodbye to missed opportunities and revenue leakage, and embrace a future of intelligent deal-making.

Businesses lose out on millions of dollars due to mismanaged contracts

Executing agreement terms are still a heavily manual and error-prone process
Contracts have no central system of record
Businesses still rely on manual data entry to get contracts integrated into their ecosystem, making the records fallible and difficult to update in case of amendments.
Manual process is unsustainable
Executing an agreement manually is labor-intensive. With team downsizing overtime, the gap in visibility and control over contractual obligations grows.
Oversight causes revenue leakage
Lack of proactive monitoring causes businesses to lose out on the full contract value, whether from inaccurate billing, overlooked terms, or missed renewals.
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We know that the real work starts after getting your contract signed

Intelizen is here to help. Our platform delivers AI-powered solutions so that you can:

  • Access contract data across your operation’s ecosystem to enhance decision-making across your organization
  • Gain a deep insight into all your contracts to find hidden revenue opportunities and leakage
  • Avoid penalties due to non-compliance by receiving timely alerts
  • Cut down on time spent doing paperwork by automating your workflows

Access contract data, wherever you are

Use Intelizen's integrations to access up-to-date contract data  from anywhere in your ecosystem

Enhance contract performance monitoring

Track and analyze business-as-usual metrics to see 100% of your contract value

Unlock powerful insights

Incorporate contract insights into your strategic decision-making

Customize alerts

Drive down churn rate and make the most out of your renewal negotiations

Automate workflows

Stay true to your words by utilizing contract data to automate the execution of its obligations

Get started with Intelizen today & unlock the full potential of your contracts